How much does letterpress cost?

Letterpress is new to most people so they have no idea what it cost. We can do letterpress cost effectively or we can do it with all the embellishments at a little more cost. The starting price is about $125 and it goes from there. Just let us know your budget and we’re sure we can put together a piece that you’ll love without breaking the bank. Use our instant quote generator to price your design or idea. 


Will all of my design be debossed into the paper?

When you print with letterpress, it’s inherent that everything will be debossed. It’s part of the process. All of the design elements with ink or a blind impression will be debossed. The only exception is when a large flood of color is used. Read more here >>


What format should my design files be in?

We get the best results using AI & EPS files with vector art. Our plates are made at 2,000 lpi and vector art allows us to take advantage of the full resolution. If you don’t have vector art, send us what you have and we’ll take a look.


What are the color options available to me?

We don’t limit our letterpress to a certain color palette. We mix colors according to the Pantone Solid Uncoated book, but we can match any color you send us. A picture or a swatch works great. 


Is a blind impression the same as an ink run?

Yes it is. A blind impressions require it’s own plate and we actually use transparent or white ink to make the impression “stick”. If it’s a two sided design, try not to have the front and the back designs overlap each other so we can keep the impression nice and deep.


Can I have my invitations in a custom shape?

Yes! CottonPaperie has a large library of custom shapes available to you. You can pick from one of our house shapes at no charge, or submit your custom shape & we’ll put together pricing for you.


Do you have minimum order quantities?

Our minimum for invitations is 25 pieces and business cards is 50 pieces. Just keep in mind that you will achieve a lower cost per piece with higher quantities.


What is your turn-around time on printing?

Once we have your design finished and approved, most job takes 2-3 weeks to produce.  Timelines are not guaranteed so please inquire about your needed deadline.


How do you come up with my custom design?

We’re big fans of inspiration boards! If you have pictures of wedding details, locations you like, wedding dress pics, and other details in general, we’ll put together an inspiration board to show you how the design we come up with fits into that theme.


How do you custom match the ink to the colors for my event?

Colors look very different from computer screen to computer screen, so it’s important that we both see something in person for the color you want. You can either mail us a sample swatch, stop by our office, or run by a local Home Depot and pick up a paint swatch to make sure we’re all on the same page! We can also use pantone colors.


Do you ship internationally?

Definitely! We ship worldwide.


What’s the difference in your one-ply and two-ply paper?

Our two-ply paper is our absolute favorite! It’s 100% cotton and 220lbs (super thick) to take a nice deep letterpress impression. The two-ply is more formal while the one-ply is also very nice, but thinner and a little more casual. The single ply is 110lbs.


Can my letterpress piece be any size I want?

Yes. All of our orders are custom, so you can make your business cards, stationery, or invitations any size you’d like. We can even make custom shapes outside of standard squares and rectangles.


Does Cotton Paperie Edge Paint?

Yes! For that little extra pop, we do edge paint!


Why are the ink colors different on some of the cards?

Letterpress is a manual process and ink is carried on composite rollers. Throughout the print run, the ink density on these rollers changes resulting in ink variations from piece to piece.

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