We can accept almost any type of high quality artwork for letterpress printing, but vector graphics with fonts converted to outlines is our absolute favorite way to receive artwork. This is typically a file made in Adobe Illustrator and saved as AI or EPS file format. Our plates are made at 2,000 LPI so this takes advantage of the full resolution. If you must submit raster graphics, be sure they are at least 300 DPI and each color is on its own layer. A high quality JPG or PSD file usually works. If you’re submitted a JPG, we need a separate JPG file for each color.

    • Convert all fonts to outlines
    • Embed all linked graphics
    • If your file has bleed, give 1/8″ bleed & keep all important information 1/8″ away from the cut line
    • If files are submitted in CMYK or RGB colors, we will convert to the closest Pantone Color match
    • When specifying pantone colors, we use the Pantone Solid Uncoated colors
    • The smallest lines should be .30pt or larger
    • Any artwork submitted at less than 100% transparency will print as a halftone (little dots or a pattern in the ink)
    • - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Large floods of colors are not ideal for letterpress. We can handle them, but they push the impression out of the paper and you will have variances in color from piece to piece. We may charge a premium for designs with large solid blocks of color.

Include a text file with your artwork to give us some guidance. Let us know what’s most important. A deep impression, crisp/clean text, etc. If you don’t include a text file, we’ll print the file at our own discretion.

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